Setting a New Standard in Pet Care

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A Different Kind of Pet Store

This isn’t your average pet store. You’ll feel it when you walk through the door.

It’s more than beautifully designed locations and friendly staff - it’s a belief in a higher standard for pet care. Our stores are community hubs - somewhere to come and share an experience with your pet.

Homes Alive is a family business passed down from generation to generation. But we’re far from traditional. We create a welcoming, interactive and uncommonly organized environment to help you learn more about your furry companions and build a stronger, healthier bond with them.

What Guides Us


We demystify pet parenting. Taking care of a pet is complicated (and ever-changing). So we create an experience rooted in learning.


We create special moments to share with your pet. We carefully design our shopping experience to create a deeper connection between you and your furry companions.


We believe no two pets are alike. We don’t subscribe to one way of raising furry friends, so we offer the product breadth and depth to serve a whole spectrum of pet-parenting approaches.


We take pride in being reliable, consistent and organized. When you visit us in person or online, you can expect to find an easy-to-navigate environment, help right when you need it, and your favourite products in stock.


We’re embedded in our communities. From sourcing local and regional food to building relationships with nearby shelters and offering meaningful career opportunities, our goal is to enrich and contribute to each place we call home.

Our Team

Your pets are important to you, and they're important to us as well. When you shop with Homes Alive Pets, you're shopping with passionate pet parents who understand why you are always looking for the best, healthiest, and safest products for your pet.

As pet owners ourselves, we face the same pet issues and have the benefit of hands-on experience when it comes to finding the best solutions to care for our favourite furry friends.



Our Community

We love to brag, but not about ourselves. Get to know us better by getting to know who we serve. Canada has an amazing pet rescue network that helps rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome pets in need, and we are lucky enough to be friends with a few of them. Click the link below to learn more!


 Our Rescue Partners