When you are trying to make the best decision for your pet’s health, these handy calculators can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Dog Exercise Calculator

Is your dog getting enough exercise? Exercise is an important part of your dog’s routine, so make sure your dog is getting the right amount of daily activity to stay healthy and active.


Dog Breed Weight Calculator

Is your dog at a healthy weight? Every dog is different, but your dog’s breed can give you insight into how much your dog should weigh. Check out our dog weight calculator to find out how your dog measures up to his breed standards.


Dog Calorie Calculator

What you feed your dog is only half the battle. Even the best diets can be unhealthy if you are feeding too much. Find out if your dog is getting the right daily calories to maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle.


Raw Dog Food Calculator

Part of feeding your dog a good diet is feeding them the right amount. Raw dog food isn’t measured the same way as other diets, so try out our raw dog food calculator to find out the best raw feeding guidelines for your dog.


Homemade Raw Dog Food Calculator

Making your dog’s raw food at home has many benefits, but crafting a well-balanced diet from scratch has its challenges. Our homemade raw dog food calculator can help you find the right balance of nutrients to create a complete and balanced raw diet for your dog.


Cat Food Calculator

Overfeeding and poor eating habits can contribute to weight problems in cats. Find out how much food your cat needs each day to stay healthy and happy. Enter your cat's ideal weight to find the appropriate feeding guidelines.

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Do you suspect your pretty kitty is packing on a few extra pounds? Select your cat's breed from the drop down menu below to find out how she stacks up against the average weight range for her breed