Coconut Breath Busters Recipe

No matter how much you love your dog, that nasty dog breath is enough to make you want to keep your distance. Caring for your dog’s teeth should be part of your regular routines, but you can help enhance their tooth care with this simple recipe. 

The natural bacteria-fighting properties of coconut oil can help to reduce the bad breath causing bacteria that hide in your dog’s mouth, plus dogs love the taste! When combined with natural ingredients like parsley, you can deodorize your dog’s mouth so that those puppy kisses stop turning your stomach. 

These treats will never replace the need for regular toothbrushing but is an excellent addition to their existing dental care routine. For an alternative way to use this recipe, skip the freezing and instead, slather the mixture inside a KONG or another hollow toy. Not only will your dog be occupied by this fun toy, but they’ll also be freshening their breath at the same time. 

Coconut has many uses for both people and pets. Find out everything you need to know about Coconut Oil for Dogs.

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