Goat's Milk Tummy Toppers Recipe

We all know how uncomfortable stomach problems can be! Do your furry friend a favour and keep things moving with these frozen tummy poppers that will provide a healthy dose of fibre and good gut bacteria. 

Gut health goes beyond just the obvious benefits of keeping your pooch regular. When your dog’s gut is in check, it supports total body health - from their immune systems to brain health!

These frozen tummy poppers help support gut health with pumpkin and goat’s milk. The pumpkin will give your dog a dose of prebiotic fibre while the goat’s milk will give your dog a dose of probiotics. Together these two help to build and maintain healthy digestion. Sounds like the perfect recipe for your dog’s tummy.

Find out more about how goat’s milk can help your pooch in Benefits of Goat’s Milk for Dogs.

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