Pumpkin Coat Conditioners Recipe

Give your dog the shiny, healthy skin and coat they deserve with this coat conditioning snack. Many things can affect your dog’s skin and coat health, but diet plays a huge role. Boost their diet by sneaking some cot conditioning ingredients into a simple and delicious snack. 

Herring oil offers high levels of the essential omega 3 fatty acids that your dog needs, like EPA and DHA. Compared to many popular fish oils, herring has a lower mercury content and is not at a high risk of being overfished like salmon. 

Grandma Lucy’s Skin and Coat Pumpkin Pouch adds many essential, detoxifying, and easy-to-digest ingredients to this recipe to boost your dog’s overall health. Check out the other Grandma Lucy’s formulas to find out which one will best support your dog’s health.

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