How-To's & Guides

Whether you are a new pet parent or just looking for some tips, our step-by-step guides can help you keep your pet healthy and make routine pet care and maintenance less stressful for both of you.


Cat Body Language

If cats could talk, what would they say? Understanding basic cat body language can help you form a loving and effective bond with your kitty cat.


Pet First Aid Checklist

Having a well-stocked pet first aid kit can help you provide immediate care for minor wounds and infections. Learn which supplies you should keep in your pet's first aid kit. 


Top 10 Dog Hand Signals

Dog sign language is a great way to boost your dog's training routine. Learn the top 10 hand signals for dogs and how to use them.

off-leash-dog-running-towards-owner (1)

5 Steps to Teaching Your Dog Good Recall

Do you trust your dog to walk off-leash? Check our top dog recall training tips to teach your dog the rules and boundaries of off-leash dog walking.


7 Signs of Fleas on Dogs

If your dog is suddenly scratching and shaking his head, then you might have a flea problem. Check out the 7 signs of fleas on dogs.


7 Tips for Cutting Your  Dog's Nails At Home

Can you hear your dog clicking and tapping as he runs around your house? Learn how to cut dog nails to keep your dog safe and preserve your own sanity.


Dog Harness Vs Dog Collar

Do you use a dog collar or a dog harness? Check out this comparison to help you choose the best gear for your dog's favourite adventures. 


7 Reasons to Add Tripe to Your Dog's Diet

Have you wondered what the fuss over tripe is all about? Learn about the top benefits of tripe for dogs.


How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Bad cat breath is the first sign that your cat needs a consistent at-home dental routine. Learn some easy tips and tricks for brushing your cat's teeth. 



5 Safety Tips for Feeding Raw Pet Food

Is feeding raw pet food safe? Handling raw meat has its risks, but these safety tips will help keep you and your pet safe when feeding raw food. 



10 Big Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food is becoming very popular, but is it really as good as they say? Check out the top 10 benefits of raw dog food. 



Ultimate Checklist for Hiking and Camping with Dogs

If you love camping and hiking with your pooch, then you know it's important to bring the right gear. Check out our ultimate checklist for hiking and camping with dogs so that you can be prepared for whatever nature throws at you and your furry friend. 



7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

We love summer and so do our dogs, but sometimes it's just too hot. Keeping your dog cool is about more than just comfort, it's about safety. Find out what you can do to help your dog beat the summer heat. 


How to Clean Your Cat's Ears (Infographic)

Fortunately, cats do most of their grooming themselves, but there are some areas that they need a hand with. Check out our simple steps for cleaning your cat's ears. 

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Heartworm Life Cycle

In Canada, we often see mosquitos as more of an annoyance than a danger, but your dog isn't as safe. Heartworms are potentially fatal parasites that spread through mosquito bites. Find out how these worms survive and thrive in your dog's body. 


How to Brush Your Dogs Teeth (Infographic)

It might feel silly to brush your dog's teeth, but it's an important part of a healthy routine. This guide will walk you through brushing your dog's teeth in 10 easy steps. 


13 Fun Ways to Use a KONG

The classic KONG is an iconic dog toy. We know it as a durable rubber chew toy, but there are many unique and fun ways to use a KONG to entertain your pet.

Check out our 13 favourite ways to use a KONG.


Dog Measurement Chart

Are you struggling to find the right size coat for your dog? Maybe your pooch is an odd shape or an in-between size.

Learn how to measure your dog and make sizing them for new gear quick and hassle-free.



Dog Body Condition Score (BCS)

Is your dog overweight? The body condition score can be used to visually assess your dog's body to determine whether they are at a healthy weight for their breed. How does your dog score?


Cat Body Condition Score (BCS)

Is your cat fat? The body condition score can be used to visually assess your cat's body to determine whether they are at a healthy weight for their breed. How does your kitty score?


Puppy Teething Chart

Got a puppy that's going through the painful teething stage? Windering how long it's going to last? Understanding puppy teething can help you provide relief and be prepared for each stage of the teething process. Here's a simple chart to help explain the process and timeline. 


Dog Food Selector

Looking for the right dog food, but not sure where to start? We can help you narrow down your choices so that you can find the food that helps your dog thrive.

Just answer a few questions about your dog, and we will send you some recommendations that match your dog's dietary needs. 


Renting with pets in Canada: Hidden costs + provincial laws

Owning a pet is already costly, but if you're renting, there may be some hidden costs you didn't consider. Find out how much it's going  to cost you to rent with a pet in Canada.


Dog Yoga Guide

It turns out your favourite fitness routines can be beneficial for your dog too! Check out this awesome infographic from Honest Paws to find out how you can do yoga with your dog. 


DIY Dog Toothpaste

Looking for a natural solution to your dog's nasty breath? Check out this easy DIY dog toothpaste recipe. 


Dog Collar Selector

Looking for a new collar for your dog? Our dog collar selector can help you narrow down your options and find the best dog collar for your pooch. 

Just tell us the size and style of the collar you are looking for and we'll give you some options to choose from. 

dog car ride window driving

How Long Does it Take for your Car to Get Too Hot?

Do you know how hot your car can get while it's baking in the hot summer sun? Leaving your pooch in the car for just a few minutes might not seem harmful, but this chart might help you see how quickly your dog can end up in a very dangerous situation. 


Dog Food vs Cat Food (Infographic)

If you have a multi-pet household, then you probably struggle to keep your pets out of each other's food bowls. But really, what's the big deal? Find out the dietary differences between dog and cat food and why they should stick to their own dinner.